ISMA Technical Specifications


The OIPF and the MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) have announced on 12th March 2012 that certain residual document of the MPEGIF will be retained on the OIPF website. The documents created by the MPEGIF prior to that date and selected by them as listed below have been added to the OIPF website. The retention of these documents is for information purposes only, and does not imply that the OIPF accepts any responsibility or liability whatsoever for these documents. In particular, these deliverables do not constitute deliverables or material created by OIPF.

ISMA Encryption & Authentication Specification 2.0 (ISMA Cryp 2.0) preserves the security and flexibility features of version 1.1, but it is "codec agnostic"; in other words, it is no longer limited to only MPEG-4 codecs and is designed to work with any codec, on any IP network or device.

ISMA Specification 2.0 incorporates advanced codec technology for audio and video applications, Internet protocols for streaming and file formats for storage.

The ISMA Closed Caption specification is the first industry standard to address mandatory requirements in the U.S. for providing captions where audio is essential to understanding video content.

ISMA Encryption & Authentication Specification 1.0 lays down the framework for secure content delivery over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, and prescibes interoperability between encoders, streaming servers, and players that comply with open, standards-based technologies.

ISMA Specification 1.0.1 is an implementation specification designed to accelerate existing IETF and MPEG standards for streaming over the Internet.

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