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The Open IPTV Forum welcomes additional member companies to the forum.

  • As of March 2012 small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to participate in the technical work can join the OIPF with respectively,  an Eighty (80)  and Fifty (50) percent discount on the regular cost of membership.
    This tiered fee reduces the annual cost of OIPF membership by eighty percent (80  % ) from €12 000 to €2 400 and is available to businesses with an annual revenue of less than €10M. Another reduced fee level of €6000 targets medium-size companies with an annual revenue of less than €100M.
  • This lowered fee structure should encourage participation by  smaller and younger enterprises with the enthusiasm and vision to dedicate time to the work of the Open IPTV Forum for the benefit of creating a new, and potentially vast, market for their business.

Companies that are active in the IPTV area and that can actively contribute towards the Forum Objectives are welcome to apply for membership.

Member companies will be expected to adequately staff the established work groups in order to drive the Forum work forward towards our goal.

Forum Objectives

  • to create and specify a specification for IPTV that shall be usable for an interactive, personalized, end-to-end IPTV realization, consisting of telecommunication systems, applications and other services, and electronic devices including, but not limited to, consumer products, to assure full compatibility and interoperability between specification compliant services and devices for the benefit of the consumers,
  • to publish and promote the IPTV Specifications (or parts thereof) as an open and non-discriminatory standard that may be used by vendors of communications systems, applications and other services, and electronic devices including, but not limited to, consumer products through, inter alia, making public the Approved IPTV Specifications (or parts thereof) when finalized in the Forum and then submitting such to one or more standard-setting organizations, such as the 3GPP, ETSI, ATIS and Open Mobile Alliance and other relevant standard-setting organizations, for acceptance as an IPTV Standard,
  • to improve and continuously develop the IPTV Specifications through new versions, and promote the standardization,
  • to establish means to secure interoperability between the services and devices in compliance with the IPTV Specifications.

Membership Process

Apply For Membership

Candidate members should review the Forum Constitution and Adoption Application.

Apply by sending the completed full Application Form and signed Adoption Application to:
NOTE: The application process will take at least 3 weeks.

The Forum Board will then decide on your application and notify you of the result.

If you are accepted, you will be required to pay the appropriate membership fee in order to complete the membership process.

The Forum Board will invite you to attend the next plenary meeting where you can introduce your company and the indicate the support you will provide towards the Forum objectives.

Note: For 2013, the membership fee has been set at 12 000 Euros.