OIPF Working Groups

OIPF Board
President : Nilo Mitra

The Board is the chief executive body of the OIPF and consists of 14 members, 6 founding members and 8 members elected by the membership for a 2 year term of office. The Board elects a President and 2 Vice-Presidents on a bi-yearly basis. The President is also responsible for chairing the General Assembly.

The Board are responsible for the acceptance of new Members; approval of a roadmap and timetable for the development work for the IPTV Specifications; approval and release of the IPTV Specifications; the creation of Working Groups, including its objectives, procedures, and chairs; the setting of membership fees, and other financial issues; external publications and communications and the OIPF Procedures.

The Board also has specific groups or people such as Finance Committee, Treasurer, Governance officer, Liaison officer and:


Marketing Committee
Acting Chair: Nilo Mitra

The Marketing Committee is supporting the Open IPTV Forum to achieve its goals by proposing opportunities to further business and success of the forum, through membership growth, modification in scope of Forum activities and the aim of deployment of services exemplifying OIPF Specifications.

The Committee identifies needs and opportunities for communication to stakeholders (existing and potential) including device vendors, service and content providers via Conferences, Expos, Fairs, Industry Networking Meet-Ups, Round Tables as well as Online and Mobile channels including web, communities, social networking etc. The Committee is responsible for communicating and liaising with press, analysts, industry thought leaders and develops appropriate material like presentations, promotional and brand assets, web content, White Papers, business cases and market figures.

The Marketing Committee is responsible for executing all communications and marketing activities within the budget allocated by the Forum.
OIPF Members choose to participate in the Marketing Working Group so they can help OIPF in communicating to the market, making their efforts more visible within the industry and their own organization and promoting the importance of Open Standards and common specifications for mass market success of new technology and digital services. These participants are also best placed to take advantage of promotional opportunities for their organizations, and to raise their profile within the IPTV Community by contributing to the work and events of the Marketing Committee.

Currently the Marketing Committee is running internal RFPs for solutions to be demonstrated, at fairs such as IBC and TVConnect where the demos are the focus of the OIPF's large and fully equipped stand. The Marketing Committee also identify initiatives to attract new parts of the IPTV value chain to the forum - which can help many members understand and overcome problems they, in common with others, may be facing in delivering world class solutions to the market.


Profiling AHG
Chair: Paul Szucs (Sony)

The Profiling AHG is responsible for the drafting of IPTV Solution Profiles specifications for all OIPF Solution Specifications. Work is ongoing to develop the Release 2 Profiles specification and to handle upcoming completed Feature Packages in the Profiles, as far as necessary.


Certification Committee
Chair: Luca Pesando (Telecom Italia)

The OIPF Certification Committee is responsible for the Certification Program that aims to provide a conformance mechanism for device, technology, service and application providers to have their products validated against the OIPF solution specifications.
See: http://www.oipf.tv/certification-policy


Requirements Working Group
Chairs: Diego Gibellino (Telecom Italia) and Rob Koenen (TNO)

The Requirements Working Group is responsible for the definition and selection of the Business, Platform and Service Requirements for the OIPF Solution. The activities of this Working Group usually start with a presentation or a proposal from one or more members focusing on a specific topic or need, and then move towards the definition of a formal Feature Package Proposal, which is a consolidated document defining the rationale, the context, the use cases and an initial set of requirements for a new feature.
The set of requirements are then extended and refined by the group in the following Requirements Development phase to serve as guidance and input for the next technical activities. The Feature Package Proposal and the Feature Package Requirements output documents are subject to the Board formal approval.


IPTV Solution Working Group
Interim Chair: Paul Szucs (Sony)

The IPTV Solution Working Group shall develop the Open IPTV Forum Specification (including definitions of Protocols and Formats) based on:
• The Requirements, from the Requirements WG,
• The Architecture and corresponding candidate protocol technologies from the Architecture TF,
• The key technology choices made by the Board, and
• The output of other WGs that the Board may set up in order to work on specific issues.

Architecture Task Force
Leader: Vacant

The Architecture (ARCH) Task Force is responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the Functional Architecture specification for IPTV delivered over both managed and unmanaged networks. Its activities usually start with a Feature Package Requirements output document approved by the board to specify any extension or modification of the functional architecture document (architecture, reference points, signaling flows, etc.) as necessary.

AVC Task Force
Leader: Paul Szucs (Sony)

The Audio Video Codecs (AVC) Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG is responsible for the specification of all issues around media formats, including video, audio, subtitles, transport layers, and the usage of the media formats in the IPTV Solution.

Metadata Task Force
Leader: Vacant

The Metadata Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG is responsible for the specification of all aspects of content metadata, including service provider information and metadata delivery.

Protocols Task Force
Leader: Vacant

The Protocols Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG is responsible for the specification of the complete set of protocols for the IPTV Solution, covering the reference point interfaces defined in the Functional Architecture specification. These reference points are classified as:
• The UNI interfaces, between the network or service provider domains and the consumer domain;
• The HNI interfaces, between the functional entities in the consumer network domain;
• The NPI interfaces, between the functional entities in the network and service provider domains; and
• Interfaces to external systems, e.g. the DLNA home network.

Declarative Application Environment (DAE) Task Force
Leader: Jonathan  Piesing  (TP Vision)

The DAE Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG specifies the browser-based Declarative Application Environment that runs in the OITF functional entity. The DAE enables web technologies to be used to provide access to IPTV (and other) services deployed via both managed networks and the open internet.

Procedural Application Environment (PAE) Task Force
Leader: Jonathan  Piesing  (TP Vision)

The PAE Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG specifies the Java-based Procedural Application Environment (PAE) that runs in the Application Gateway (AG) functional entity.

Content and Service Protection (CSP) Task Force
Leader: Vacant

The CSP Task Force of the IPTV Solution WG specifies the set of tools and methods to protect IPTV services and content, and for User authentication.


IOT Working Group
Chair: Paul Higgs (Ericsson)

The IOT (Interoperability Testing) Working Group develops the Test Specifications which describe the Conformance and Interoperability testing aspects of the OIPF Solution Specifications. These test specifications include both test methods and test cases which can be used to validate compliance for devices which form an OIPF compliant IPTV solution. In addition, the IOT Working Group co-operates with other industry test initiatives to ensure harmonization of test environments and procedures.


Deployment Working Group

This WG is currently Dormant